Snowflake Netsuite Integration

Connect NetSuite and many other systems to the leading cloud Data warehouse.
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Snowflake is an enterprise data warehouse that helps departments thoroughly analyze their data.

Celigo’s iPaaS,, features a Snowflake connector that can be used to build custom Snowflake integration flows for a variety of use-cases. Start with Snowflake to unload data to process in the subsequent integration flow, or load data into Snowflake as an endpoint. For example, if you’re looking to create new reporting capabilities for your ERP or another application, you can use our Snowflake connector to ingest data from that application into Snowflake and use a BI tool like Tableau to actually build the report.

Interested in learning more about how Celigo’s Snowflake connector works? Watch our demo videos on loading data into Snowflake or querying data out of Snowflake into another application.

Common Integrations with Snowflake

  • Bulk export data via the COPY API into Amazon S3 bucket or Snowflake internal stage
  • Retrieve data via SQL commands
  • Bulk data “insert” operations
  • Bulk import into Snowflake (aka MERGE operation)
  • Build on top of the Snowflake embedded driver (node.js)
  • Supports loading and unloading semi-structured data types (e.g. JSON)

Integrating NetSuite to Snowflake

With the Celigo NetSuite to Snowflake integration, it is easy to export from NetSuite to Snowflake.  By integrating NetSuite with Celigo, you will be able to analyze ready-to-use analytics-friendly, ERP, and CRM data in Snowflake, and your BI. Go beyond NetSuite’s vanilla dashboards and ask any question you want about your ERP and CRM data. Pool Saved Searches data and analyze them with SQL. Having your NetSuite data in Snowflake as your marketing, support, and sales will help you get a holistic understanding of your business performance.

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