A collection of automation-inspired thought leadership, articles, tips and tricks on Celigo and NetSuite.

  • eCommerce ·

Shopify B2B integration to NetSuite ERP

Here are the key APIs that you can leverage when building Shopify B2B integrations to NetSuite. These APIs provide the core functionality needed to build…

Celigo vs NetSuite Connector (FarApp)

Celigo and NetSuite Connector (FarApp) are both integration solutions that help connect different systems and automate business processes. However, there are some key differences between…
  • Celigo ·

New integrator․io release is LIVE!

What’s new Integration lifecycle management now supports pull, visual diff, merge, snapshot, and revertIntegration lifecycle management just got a lot easier. You can now pull and…
  • NetSuite Error Messages ·


Explanation: This happens when the NetSuite concurrency limit (set by NetSuite) for your account is exceeded.  In other words, if you have a concurrency limit…

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