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Connect NetSuite to an easy-to-use CRM like HubSpot. Companies, contacts, quotes items and deals.
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Benefits of Netsuite and Hubspot integration

Whether it’s syncing correct contact information or getting notified as soon as a hot lead clicks on your ad, integrating Hubspot with NetSuite, and other business applications can make the difference between a deal and a drop out.

Unified Customer Profiles

NetSuite HubSpot integration paints a comprehensive picture of customer interactions. From past purchases to marketing engagements, empower your teams with a holistic understanding of each customer's journey.

Streamlined Lead-to-Cash Process

A journey from lead inception to cash in hand with minimal friction. NetSuite and HubSpot will seamlessly sync processes, leading to a streamlined lead-to-cash process that reduces manual efforts and accelerates your sales cycle.

Automated Marketing Campaigns

HubSpot's marketing prowess, fueled by real-time insights from NetSuite, enables automated campaigns that hit the bullseye. Your marketing efforts become a flow of tailored messages, resonating with your audience.

Accurate Sales Forecasts

The Hubspot NetSuite integration ensures your sales forecasts are not just educated guesses but data-driven insights. Equip your team with the foresight needed for strategic planning.

Seamless Opportunity Management

Opportunities come knocking, and your sales team is always ready. With integrated insights from HubSpot and NetSuite, opportunity management becomes a much smoother process. Effortlessly track, nurture, and convert opportunities for a more effective sales approach.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The HubSpot and NetSuite integration ensures that customer experiences are not just personalized but a real pleasure. From personalized marketing messages to tailored sales conversations, turn every touchpoint into an opportunity to foster loyalty.

Our Hubspot NetSuite Integration Services

Explore our expertise, powered by the best middleware around – Celigo, the best Hubspot NetSuite connector.

Customer Data Synchronization

We perform seamless synchronization of customer data between NetSuite and HubSpot. This integration ensures a unified view, allowing for targeted and effective marketing strategies based on real-time customer insights.

Marketing Workflow Automation

With the help of Celigo, we streamline marketing processes, ensuring targeted and efficient customer engagement with minimal manual efforts.

Real-Time Customer Segmentation

We provide transparent customer segmentation, allowing dynamic adjustments to marketing strategies based on evolving preferences.

Purchase Behavior and Marketing Linkage

We link purchase behavior and marketing, ensuring that your efforts align with actual customer transactions and fostering a more personalized and effective engagement.

Reporting and Analytics

We help you access integrated reporting and analytics that offer insights into marketing and transactional performance. This data will support your strategic decision-making in your customer engagement strategies.

Expert Support and Maintenance

We provide expert support and user training after the NetSuite and HubSpot integration - we make sure your integrated systems operate smoothly for sustained marketing and operational excellence.

Why Choose Hairball

We are meticulous – we only choose to work on integration projects where NetSuite is one of the end-points.

Why? Because it takes time to really understand a new system and its APIs – time that we don’t want to take away from our customers.

As a NetSuite expert, we will create real value for you from day one and can design the best integrations for your maximum performance.

Our team has seen it all. We have accumulated a massive amount of knowledge from our past HubSpot to NetSuite integration experiences and are ready for the most intricate, complex challenges.

Our dedication to the integration craft and our high standards have earned us Partner status for both NetSuite and Celigo – we can be trusted.

We know our worth – but that doesn’t mean we won’t respect your budget. No matter the occasion, we’ll deliver the best value for money.

We don’t aim to be a crutch for your business to depend on at all times. We value your independence and provide advanced training programs for your team to be self-sufficient if needed.

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Get expert support and industry-leading knowledge to grow your business.

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