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Connect NetSuite to the best 3PL Management software.

3PL Central makes it easy to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and deliver complete visibility to customers. 3PL Central integrations enable you to connect, visualize, and control your entire fulfillment network from a single-cloud location. Integrating 3PL with NetSuite on Celigo’s iPaaS streamlines your operations by automating 3PL workflows, providing you with a flexible solution that is built to your specific business needs rather than the other way around. Avoid costly errors by keeping your inventory and order data accurate, eliminate manual processes to save time, and focus on delivering orders right on schedule.

Connect NetSuite to 3PL’s warehouse management system API to visualize inventory data, automate orders, and monitor inventory levels from any desktop or mobile device. Integrating 3PL Central with a finance hub like NetSuite can also automate the sending of customers invoices, reducing labor costs.

Sync Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Receivers, Shipment Confirmations, Items and Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Returns between 3PL Central and NetSuite.


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