You can use the Reverse ETL, to send data from Snowflake to endpoint applications. This template allows you to easily create exports from Snowflake exports with minimal configuration to other source applications, additional configuration steps may be required. By default, the following apps are supported out-of-the-box to have the entire flow configured. There are 4 endpoints that are supported for the data flow from Snowflake.

  • Snowflake – Hubspot:
    • Get company detail updates
    •  Get contact detail updates
  • Snowflake – NetSuite:
    • Get contact detail updates
    • Get customer details updates
  • Snowflake – Salesforce:
    • Get account detail updates
    • Get contact detail updates
  • Snowflake – Zendesk:
    • Get organization detail updates
    • Get user details updates

Features and Benefits

  • Stay in compliance by improving data accuracy, minimizing wrong or duplicate records. 
  • Efficiently scale operations by automating processes that rely on the Snowflake platform.
  •  Take control of your integrations with tools that let you configure and make mapping changes on the fly. 
  • Use data analysis and business intelligence to improve efficiency and streamline everyday operations.

Supported integration flows

The Reverse ETL, Data Warehouse Automation from Snowflake contains workflows that you can easily configure and deploy without coding or IT support. The following templates are from Snowflake to the specified source.

  • Snowflake – HubSpot
  • Snowflake – NetSuite
  • Snowflake – Salesforce
  • Snowflake – Zendesk

Reverse ETL for Snowflake

This powerful new feature allows you to ingest data from your Snowflake data warehouse into your most common end-user applications, including advanced customization capabilities.

You can use Reverse ETL for important metrics such as data analytics, customer tracking, and lead capture for the sales department. The template includes support for four business applications in the installed flows, which also provide a blueprint that you can extend to other applications as a custom (DIY) flow.

  • Snowflake to HubSpot Reverse ETL
  • Snowflake to Salesforce Reverse ETL
  • Snowflake to NetSuite Reverse ETL
  • Snowflake to Zendesk Reverse ETL