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Hu Kitchen

Our integration services using the new Celigo connector significantly enhanced the client's operational confidence and relieved their administrative burden.

About Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen is an online store specializing in top-quality chocolate made of only three ingredients – cacao, cocoa butter, and unrefined coconut sugar. They are dedicated to selling chocolate that is both 100% organic and delicious, shipping across the US and most of Europe. Hu Kitchen chocolate proudly uses Certified Fair Trade cocoa and Certified Fair Trade cocoa butter, which are both USDA Certified Organic.


Ecommerce, Apparel


The Challenge

The existing Amazon and Shopify integrations with NetSuite (powered by NetSuite Connector) were not customizable enough for the client’s standards. Additionally, the NetSuite Connector left much to be desired.

The Results

  • New connector (Celigo) massively improved client’s operational confidence
  • Client’s request to relieve them of the administrative burden was fully met with our integration maintenance services

Key Issues

The client had already used NetSuite Connector for their Amazon and Shopify integrations with NetSuite, but they were heavily restricted in how much they could customize. They were concerned that even a minor change in their business processes may cause a massive disruption due to their inability to cater for it. On top of that, they found NetSuite Connector’s user interface very unintuitive.

Thus, the key issues could be summed up as NetSuite Connector’s limited customization capabilities as well as its lack of user-friendliness..

“Our team simply grew tired of working around some of NetSuite’s limitations. The platform is far from intuitive and you could never tell exactly what it can or cannot do for you.”

- James Field

Hu Kitchen

The Solution

The client aimed to change their middleware from NetSuite Connector to Celigo, but had no prior experience and expertise with the tool. In a conversation with a Celigo representative, the client was referred to Hairball as one of the top Celigo integration experts.
In February 2022, our team had the first conversation with the client and started to gather knowledge about their processes; and we kicked off the integration process shortly thereafter.
The client also suggested that the Hairball team take over the integration maintenance should they be satisfied with our initial scope of work.

After 6 weeks of intense work, the new and improved integration went live (April 2022).

The Results

After the release of the new integration, the client reported significant improvement in their operational confidence. They knew that with the backing of Celigo and our help, they could take care of any business changes effectively and efficiently – which has been the case since.

Our success later prompted the client to request a whole new integration – Orderful (April 2023). The goal was to connect 23 of their trading partners to the system in the short space of 3 months, which proved to be a great challenge. The simultaneous communication with so many parties, the unique operational peculiarities of each partner, and a short time frame left little room for error. 

Still, the Orderful integration was another success, as we managed to navigate the above complexities just within the deadline. As a result, we also took over the integration maintenance – our team has been working to ensure the system’s stability ever since.

“Hairball also offered us extensive training on Celigo, which our team found incredibly helpful. The level of support and guidance the hairball team has provided through onboarding and post Go-Live has been second to none. We couldn’t have done this with them.”

- James Field

Hu Kitchen

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