NetSuite and Celigo Continued Success

You’re a rapidly scaling business that’s ready to future-proof your company with Celigo and NetSuite. You’re focused on the future and are ready to prioritize innovation and growth. You’re sure you have a great tool in your hands, however, aren’t sure you really know how to make the most out of it. That’s where we come in.

Why consider a NetSuite and Celigo Support Partner?

  • SuiteAnswers, Celigo Support, NetSuite Premium Support or Advanced Customer Support (ACS) isn’t doing the trick.

  • Are you spending your expensive ACS Hours on basic tasks?

  • Are you constantly being pitched to upgrade or buy new modules?

  • Do you have the internal manpower to fully optimize the platforms?

  • Do you need an expert both in NetSuite and Celigo who understands eCommerce, CRM and iPaaS platforms and how to adapt your implementations for it?

  • Generally feeling “stuck”?

Benefits of our Continued Success Plans include:

  • Maximize the value of your Celigo and NetSuite investment.
  • Get Responsive results when you need them (no waiting for SOWs).
  • Optimize the performance of Celigo and NetSuite to its highest capability.
  • Leverage Celigo and NetSuite releases for maximum functionality.

Are you Ready for Success?

Get optimal value from your NetSuite and Celigo investment whether you self-implemented, worked directly with NetSuite for an initial SuiteSuccess implementation, utilized a NetSuite Partner, or just had a key internal resource leave the company, enhance the value of your NetSuite investment with Hairball’s flexible Celigo Support program – ContinuedSuccess.

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