Integration Remediation/Consolidation

Finding the right Celigo partner is not easy. Celigo Integration apps may look easy at first sight and you may have implemented with Celigo group implementations. The after math, a mess (maybe), nothing makes sense and your Celigo dashboard is full of red errors. Work with us on remediating bad implementations and training you on Celigo error Management.

You may be a long time Celigo customer and you are looking for a partner to help maintain integrations and work with you on future integrations, as well as consolidate all your integrations in Celigo.

We will apply NetSuite and Celigo leading practices, consolidate all integrations in Celigo and train your team on how to maintain healthy integrations.



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Celigo Apps Implementation

With more than 220 projects to date, Hairball is one of the Top Certified Integration App Partners for Celigo.

NetSuite Phase 2 Implementation

After the initial SuiteSuccess implementation by the NetSuite team, you feel flying solo? Lets partner and help you get there.

Custom Celigo Integrations

Not every project is standard. When there’s no pre-built or Celigo IA for your integration, that’s where Hairball comes in with Custom Integration Development on Celigo.