Minimize Growth Roadblocks. Maximize NetSuite and Celigo.​

You’re a growing business ready to future-proof your company using Celigo and NetSuite. You’re focused on the future and are ready to prioritize innovation and growth. You have a great tool in your hands but you’re not 100% sure you really know how to make the most out of it.

That’s where we come in.

We help ensure you’re harnessing the full capabilities of NetSuite and Celigo, tackling problems before they start and empowering your team to focus on doing their best work. Guaranteed.

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Sometimes NetSuite Advanced
Customer Support (ACS) Isn’t Enough

The fact is: sometimes NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS) isn’t enough.

Change doesn’t have to be hard. You’ve gone live on NetSuite and realized it’s creating extra work and frustration for your team. Maybe you worked with a provider who constantly changed consultants or didn’t fully grasp the nuances of your business.

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With, you’re getting NetSuite and Celigo support and a team of eCommerce, CRM and iPaaS experts who know every part of your business.

The result: we help maximize your investment and solve problems before they start. Most importantly, we free up your team’s bandwidth so they can focus on what matters: running, growing and scaling the business.

If you’ve found yourself:

  • Spending pricey ACS hours on basic tasks
  • Constantly being pitched to upgrade or buy new models
  • Lacking the internal manpower to optimize the platforms
  • Knowing you’ve got a robust tool but aren’t maximizing it
  • Confused about how to integrate the never-ending updates
Maximize Your Investment. 
Optimize Your Performance.
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Maximize Your Investment

We ensure you maximize every dollar of your NetSuite and Celigo investment.

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Optimize Your Performance

We optimize the performance of Celigo and NetSuite to its highest capability.

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Empower Your Team

Changing ERP systems can be hard on the team. We minimize their learning curve so they can do their best work.

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Leverage New Releases

Keeping up with NetSuite changes and new features can feel like a part-time job. We’ll handle it.

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Fix Problems.
Before They Start.

There’s nothing worse than an urgent problem that could have been avoided. We fix them before they start.

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Stop Waiting For SOWs

Speed matters. Waiting for SOWs is over, as you’ll get responsive results when you need them.

If It Involves NetSuite, We’ll Take Care Of It.

If it concerns maximizing Celigo and NetSuite, we’ll handle it with a smile.

✔ Initial Account Review (Performance, Best Practices, etc.) 
✔  Initial Celigo Account Audit 
✔  Celigo and NetSuite consultancy and guidance 
✔  Data Management (CSV Imports and Mass Updates) 
✔  Proactive and reactive mapping enhancements 
✔  Integration Maintenance and Error Management 
✔  Bi-Weekly Dashboard monitoring 
✔  Flow Performance testing & optimization 
✔  Priority support and guidance on every 
✔  NetSuite and Celigo upgrade 

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✔  NetSuite Scripting 
✔  NetSuite Saved Searches 
✔  NetSuite Workflows 
✔  Celigo Custom Flows
✔  Celigo and NetSuite Release Management 
✔  Celigo and NetSuite Release Awareness 
✔  Celigo and NetSuite Release Guidance 
✔  Celigo and NetSuite Release Regression testing 
✔  Celigo Error Management Training
✔  Custom NetSuite Scripting 
✔  Custom Workflows 
✔  Team Training – Onboarding

NOTE: Excludes Support of Advanced Accounting, Advanced Revenue Management, SuiteBilling, Contracts, Advanced Manufacturing, Professional Services Automation.

Get Started In 3 Steps

We don’t believe in sticking words on the office wall and calling it a day.


Book Call

Click any button on this page to book a call with our integration experts and discuss your unique goals and outcomes.


Custom Onboarding

Our team will craft a customized proposal and once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll start our custom onboarding process.


Trusted Partnership

Where the magic happens. Our team becomes an extension of yours with NetSuite and Celigo success services.

We Handle NetSuite.
You Grow Your Business.

Ongoing Optimization

Our team of experts constantly monitors your NetSuite processes and integrations to ensure operational efficiency at every stage.

NetSuite Team Training

We help empower your team with actionable training that allows them to do better, faster and more efficient work.

Customized Solutions

Hairball’s experts are well-versed in all types of integrations and custom solutions. No matter what you need, we’ll do it with a smile.

Get Ahead Of Changes

Celigo integrations and NetSuite implementation projects are always changing. We’ll ensure you’re staying ahead of new features across every part of your business.

On-Demand Support

No matter what you need, our team of experts is here to answer any questions and provide the guidance you need to turn challenges into opportunities.

Streamline Admin

NetSuite administration can be a part-time job within itself. We can handle all the back-end work from creating users, assigning roles, updating KPIs and tons more.

Trusted By Over 200 Clients
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Optimize Your Performance

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Fix Problems. Before They Start.

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Minimize Headaches.
Maximize NetSuite and Celigo.

We’re here to help you grow faster and scale without headaches.

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