Failed to save record because Please configure the inventory detail for SKU.

Please configure the inventory detail for <item sku> eg. 736366383

This error may occur on transactional scripts. It means there is something wrong with one of more of the items in a transaction that is preventing NetSuite from writing it. The end result is that the transaction is written to the failed queue so that it can be sync’d again when the error is fixed. 

Some of the causes are:
  • If bins are used, a preferred bin must be setup on the item record and there must be inventory in the bin. 
  • If selling to a lot #, there must be available inventory.
  • If the NetSuite Inventory Status feature is turned on, there must be available inventory (or turn it off).

Identify the items and fix the underlaying cause/inventory issue. The retry the error in Celigo.
Hairball Netsuite Ecosystem V1

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