About Us.

We make the cloud hairball work.

Our mission is to provide innovative and effective products and services that help our clients scale their businesses and realize their operational goals.

Hairball Team
Untangling the Cloud Hairball With 15+ Years of NetSuite Experience

NetSuite DNA.

What exactly is the hairball?

We attribute the Cloud Hairball concept to Zach Nelson, former NetSuite CEO.

According to Zach, it’s hard to tie multiple applications together in a cohesive way, and that difficulty leads to what he calls the “software hairball.”

We believe in the Suite just like anyone that runs their business on NetSuite, but we also understand that NetSuite can’t handle everything for your business so you will need other best of breed SaaS apps to run your entire business.

We’re here to make your cloud hairball work seamlessly!

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NetSuite DNA

Why Hairball?


Experience, knowledge and expertise gained from over a decade of building on NetSuite, Shopify, Amazon and Celigo.


Our team of integration and ecommerce experts sit at the intersection of technology and commerce. True experts.

NetSuite DNA

Our entire team worked at NetSuite or has advanced experience with NetSuite. We know the Suite inside out.

One End Point

We only focus on Integrations where NetSuite is one of the end points. Why? Because to build great integrations and automations you need to understand the system of record really well.

Our Leadership

NetSuite, eCommerce, CRM, and Project Management experts are ready to partner with you on your next integration project. 

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Diego Terra

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Alex Grunwaldt

Juan Casal

Juan Casal

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David Moran

Our Values

Our values aren’t just words we print on the office wall. They’re who we are.

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We win as a team.

We stay positive, work together and share our successes. Our clients are part of the team.

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We never stop improving.

We’re always learning and are never complacent. We strive to do Celigo integrations like no one else.

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We keep it simple.

We keep things simple and open, even if that means being different. Making things complicated is easy.

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We don't have drama.

We’re calm in a crisis. We use grit and know‑how to get the job done. We don’t sweat the small stuff.

Our Leadership


eCommerce Lead


IO and engineering Lead


CRM Lead


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IA Lead
Hairball Netsuite Ecosystem V1

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to grow, scale, and automate your business with industry-leading practices, then contact us today and let’s get started!