Strategic Consulting

For straightforward, expert advice on your current or planned digital stack, look no further. Hairball has worked with many systems over the years, and we have the knowledge to recommend the right system and setup for your team.

Our strategic consulting service helps you choose the right set-up to gear your operations for ultimate efficiency and profitability. By carrying out a 360-degree diagnosis of your entire business, our in-house experts provide future-sound solutions that take every department’s objectives into consideration.

With experienced experts in the world’s leading systems, Hairball can advise you on the benefits of the world’s leading software to support your business and ignite your growth.

We want to help you find the right platform for your needs, then optimize it to help you reach your goals faster than you could imagine.

For customers who want to drive their own destiny but feel more comfortable getting detailed guidance at the start, the Advisory offering provides you with the best of both worlds – up front assistance and independence to finish on your own.

What We Do

Lead you through an initial project stage that equips you to complete the remainder of the implementation on  your own with some quality checks along the way.

What You Do

Participate in an initial Hairball-led project stage, then complete the remainder of the project on your own with quality checks from our experts.

Advisory for

We offer advisory consulting for most of Celigo Integration Apps.

Advisory for

We offer advisory consulting for a subset of applications and connection types using

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Celigo Apps Implementation

With more than 220 projects to date, Hairball is one of the Top Certified Integration App Partners for Celigo.

NetSuite Phase 2 Implementation

After the initial SuiteSuccess implementation by the NetSuite team, you feel flying solo? Lets partner and help you get there.

Custom Celigo Integrations

Not every project is standard. When there’s no pre-built or Celigo IA for your integration, that’s where Hairball comes in with Custom Integration Development on Celigo.